CORONAVIRUS – Shustoke Reservoir – Update 23rd April

UPDATE – 23rd April

The Police have now attended Shustoke on several occasions and will continue to do so.

Severn Trent has confirmed that the signs showing the footpath around the Reservoir was open have been removed. This means the OS orange coloured path around the reservoir (shown on the  map) accessed from the carpark area is now closed. The green public footpaths further away from the water (a right of way) are still open.

Severn Trent has ordered some large signs to reflect this current status but they may take a week to be installed. However, contractors will be attending to alter the access arrangements to the carpark.

The Coleshill Police Safer Neighbourhood Team will maintain daily visits to the outside area of the site to try and manage any parking issues etc.



Shustoke Reservoir is a private site owned by Severn Trent. The Reservoir and its car park are currently closed.

As a private site, it does not come within the latest Government guidelines for public parks – all of which should now be open.

The closure of the Reservoir car park has led to additional parking issues for the Village, with some visitors leaving their vehicles in inappropriate places. As North Warwickshire Borough Council currently has no parking warden operation, only the Police can enforce legislation relating to unnecessary or wilful obstruction of the highway, or parking in a dangerous position. Concerned residents will need to contact the Police on 101.







CORONAVIRUS – Temporary Parish Council Privacy Policy

Under normal circumstances, Shustoke Parish Council does not collect or process personal information of residents outside responding to emails, telephone calls or letters. This is covered by its normal Privacy Policy.

During the current Coronavirus crisis however, the Council is collecting and processing details specifically to identify and provide assistance to vulnerable residents, and to keep a register of residents volunteering to assist their vulnerable neighbours. Collection of data in these circumstances in permitted by the General Data Protection Regulations but as this is a temporary situation, the Council has published a specific Privacy Policy to deal with the circumstances we are all facing. The Policy can be found via the below link.

SPC CV Crisis Privacy Notice Ver 030420

If you have any queries on the Policy, contact the Clerk via the Contact page.


Have Your Say on Community Safety in Warwickshire

**Have Your Say on Community Safety in Warwickshire**

Local residents and businesses are being asked for their views on community safety in Warwickshire to ensure the right services are being developed to help make people feel safer and secure.

An online survey has been developed to give people across the county the chance to feed back to a range of organisations – local councils, fire and rescue, police, probation, health and third sector – who work together to address community safety through the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board.

The survey will inform the partnership board about what matters to residents and businesses in Warwickshire, both at a neighbourhood and national level.

The survey will assist the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board to better understand how crimes and incidents impact on their feelings of safety, what influences how safe they feel and how they would like to be engaged in the future.

Topics covered included people’s personal experiences of crime and anti-social behaviour in their local area, as well what types of incident are most concerning. Views on the effects of hate crime and personal safety are also being sought, alongside feedback on road safety, including how safe people feel using the road networks across Warwickshire and the wider UK.

Copy the following in to your web browser to access the survey:-

CORONAVIRUS – Libraries Update

• As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak, all Warwickshire Libraries, Community Libraries, Mobile Libraries and the Home Delivery Service are now closed to the public.
• Libraries have extended the loan period for all items currently on loan until the start of July and all fines will be waived. You need not worry about returning or renewing items in the short-term. Please stay safe at home and keep your library items with you.
• Please keep checking this website for up to date information:
• Online library services are still available – visit the digital library at

CORONAVIRUS – UPDATE 25th March 2020

Residents will be aware of the latest Government restrictions:-

Stay at Home except:-

  1. To shop for basic essentials;
  2. For medical / hospital appointments;
  3. To provide care for a vulnerable person;
  4. To exercise – once a day;
  5. To work, where this cannot be done from home.

The Village Recreation Ground remains open for exercise but please ensure you keep 2 metres / 6 feet from anyone else who is not a member of your household.

The Government has required councils to close all play areas.

The path around the Reservoir remains open, but please remember to keep 2 metres / 6 feet from anyone else who is not a member of your household.

The allotments remain open.

CORONAVIRUS – Shustoke Parish Council Response


The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, and things will probably become even more difficult in the weeks to come.

Shustoke is an excellent place to live, partly due to the friendliness and kindness of its residents. Now, more than ever is the time to be prepared to help each other.

If you are fit and healthy, do take time to check upon vulnerable or elderly neighbours on a regular basis, and see if you can assist them in any way. Sometimes, just a chat can make all the difference – but remember not to sit or stand too close.

If you are self-isolating and have no close family or friends living nearby, do think about contacting your neighbours. They may be very willing to support you but reluctant to disturb you.

If you need to contact the Parish Council for help during this time, you can contact Parish Councillors Bridgette Chandler (01675 481110) or Gill Noble (01675 481312). They will do their best to assist you.

Very best wishes to you in this very difficult time. Take care.

Councillor Bridgette Chandler, Chair – Shustoke Parish Council

CORONAVIRUS – Parish Council Meetings

Council meetings are having to be cancelled or postponed due to the risks to the public and councillors from Coronavirus.

The Government has made regulations to allow Councils to hold ‘virtual’ meetings by telephone conference, video conference etc. which may or may not be open to the public to participate. Any exclusion of the public will be the result of technical limitations or impracticality, and the Council will ensure the views of the public are canvassed before any meeting via this website. Draft minutes will continue to be published as normal.

The Council is intending to hold meetings on 18th May, but the nature and timings of those meetings are yet to be decided. Further information and agendas of meetings will appear on this website.

The Council remains very active, even without physical meetings. If you have any queries or concerns, do contact the Clerk on Clerk@Shustoke-ParishClerk.Org.UK