Extra-Ordinary Parish Council Meeting (via Zoom Video Conference), 7.30pm Monday 26th October 2020

The Parish Council will hold an Extra-Ordinary Council meeting at 7.30pm Monday 26th October 2020. A link to the agenda can be found below.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, the meeting will be held via a Zoom video conference – as permitted by emergency legislation.

Members of the public are very welcome to join the video conference, and should contact the Clerk for the relevant details – Clerk@Shustoke-ParishCouncil.Org.UK 

SPC – Extra-Ordinary Council Meeting 261020 – Agenda


Anti-Social Behaviour in Shustoke Village


Parish Councillors are fully aware of the anti-social behaviour which has developed during the corona virus crisis, focussed mainly on the Recreation Ground and Reservoir.

The Recreation Ground gate is now locked from 6pm to 6am, and the police will be paying particular attention to the area.

The Reservoir, is private property, owned by Severn Trent. Councillors are currently liaising with Severn Trent and the police to reduce the nuisance being caused. Severn Trent will be installing a new barrier protected by CCTV, and will significantly prune the vegetation around the car park to make illegal activities more easy to spot. Before this has been achieved, the police and Severn Trent staff will increase their patrols in the area.

It is possible that further easing of the lockdown will reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour in the Village, but Councillors will continue to monitor such behaviour and make every effort to reduce its incidence.

Shustoke Parish Councillors

Village Hall – Update

Following the withdrawal of the private company running the Village shop and hall in 2018, the Parish Council took over responsibility for the hall, with Councillor Rebecca Pugh leading a small team of Councillors undertaking the necessary work. Since then, bookings have grown significantly, and the Parish Council recently resolved to create a new Village Hall Management Committee to enable Shustoke residents to become more involved in the running of the hall, and to help maximise its use.

The Coronavirus crisis has obviously prohibited hall bookings for a period, but the new Committee hopes to re-build use of the hall as soon as practicable.

If you wish to become involved with the Management Committee, please contact Councillor Rebecca Pugh via ShustokeVillageHall@GMail.Com

Rebecca has retained responsibility for taking hall bookings, so do contact her (ShustokeVillageHall@GMail.Com) if you wish to organise a family event, run a class or hold a meeting.

Parish Council’s Audited Accounts 2019-2020

The Council’s accounts for 2019-20 have been audited and a copy is available via the below link.

SPC Audited Accounts 2019-20 Public Version

The Clerk is happy to informally answer any queries, but there will be a statutory opportunity to examine the accounts, by appointment, between Monday 15th June 2020 and Friday 24th July. (Link to Statutory Notice below.) To make an appointment, please contact the Clerk via Clerk@Shustoke-ParishCouncil.Org.UK or ring 01675 481077.


Cancellation of Meeting – Annual Meeting of the Council

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, and in accordance with emergency legislation, the Parish Council has cancelled the Annual Meeting of the Council which was due to be held 18th May 2020.

As a result, the Chair and Vice-Chair will remain in post for an extended period of two years (until May 2021).

Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary meetings of the Council will be held via Zoom video conferences whilst Coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish – where the Council provides an update on its activities during the previous year – has been postponed until a traditional meeting can be held.


Parish Council Meeting – 7.30pm Monday 18th May 2020

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the Parish Council meeting scheduled for 7.30pm Monday 18th May 2020 will be held using Zoom video conferencing.

The agenda for the meeting can be accessed via the following link:-

SPC – Ordinary Council Meeting 180520 – Final Agenda

Members of the public are welcome to join the video conference either to observe or to contribute to the meeting within the ‘public participation’ session. If you wish to take part, please contact the Clerk via Clerk@Shustoke-ParishCouncil.Org.UK or use the contact page on this website.

CORONAVIRUS – Support Available

What is on offer if you are vulnerable:-

Local Authority Contact Centres
Professional Referrals
Food parcels
Medicine Deliveries
Shopping Deliveries
Outbound calls made to the shielded list

If you are unable to leave your home due to Coronavirus and have no support to help you get food, medication or to access services then Warwickshire can help you.

Home isolation
Hospital discharges/ hospital to home
Information, advice and online services eg virtual/home library
Homelessness and housing support
Mental health & wellbeing support

If Coronavirus is affecting you and you have no support from friends or family you can access support through these routes. We can provide support for a number of issues using our normal channels and help you to tap into the additional support being provided by community and voluntary groups

Contact us on 0800 408 1447

CORONAVIRUS – Shustoke Reservoir – Update 23rd April

UPDATE – 23rd April

The Police have now attended Shustoke on several occasions and will continue to do so.

Severn Trent has confirmed that the signs showing the footpath around the Reservoir was open have been removed. This means the OS orange coloured path around the reservoir (shown on the  map) accessed from the carpark area is now closed. The green public footpaths further away from the water (a right of way) are still open.

Severn Trent has ordered some large signs to reflect this current status but they may take a week to be installed. However, contractors will be attending to alter the access arrangements to the carpark.

The Coleshill Police Safer Neighbourhood Team will maintain daily visits to the outside area of the site to try and manage any parking issues etc.



Shustoke Reservoir is a private site owned by Severn Trent. The Reservoir and its car park are currently closed.

As a private site, it does not come within the latest Government guidelines for public parks – all of which should now be open.

The closure of the Reservoir car park has led to additional parking issues for the Village, with some visitors leaving their vehicles in inappropriate places. As North Warwickshire Borough Council currently has no parking warden operation, only the Police can enforce legislation relating to unnecessary or wilful obstruction of the highway, or parking in a dangerous position. Concerned residents will need to contact the Police on 101.