Shustoke Broadband Update

Did you know that superfast broadband might already be available to you?

The CSW Broadband Project has already completed the following upgrades to these communities within your parish:
Cabinet / Structure Area served by upgrade
Furnace End 4 Parts of Shustoke
Furnace End 6 Parts of Shustoke and surrounding area

To find out if you can get superfast broadband:

1. Check whether fibre broadband is available to you by entering your landline number or address into the BT Broadband Availability Checker.
If fibre is available, either ‘VDSL Range A & B’ or ‘WBC FTTP’ will be listed in the ‘Featured Products’ column on the left hand side of the results table along with the maximum and minimum speeds you are likely to achieve.
Our How to use the BT Broadband Availability Checker web page includes clear and concise information on how to make sense of the Availability Checker results.

2. Remember, that if fibre is available, you will need to order a fibre broadband package. You will not receive the upgraded service automatically. To find an Internet Service Provider and a fibre broadband package that suits your needs, you can use a broadband comparison site such as:
Broadband Genie
What are the benefits?

Having access to faster broadband allows individuals, families, businesses and communities to:
• Browse the web faster
• Stream HD films, TV shows, games and videos without buffering slowing you down
• Talk face-to-face with friends and family using Skype, FaceTime or similar software
• Compete with other businesses in the increasingly competitive global marketplace
• Reduce workplace costs through remote working / working from home
• Make use of a whole host of other online opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible

Please Note: Even though your FTTC cabinet may have been upgraded, not every property connected to it is guaranteed to benefit due to some properties’ distances from the cabinet and/or quality of copper connections. For more information see our FAQs

Superfast broadband not available yet?

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Horticultural Services – Shustoke

The Parish Council Chair and Clerk met with a Fairways representative today (13th June) to discuss the poor state of the grass, hedges, planters and flower beds in Shustoke.

Fairways have undertaken to complete the necessary remedial work over the next few days.

The wet weather in May created a backlog across all the contracts held by Fairways, but the present run of good weather should allow the company to catch up.

Horticultural services represent the most significant spend within the Parish Council budget.

Green Energy Advice from Warwickshire Trading Standards

Many businesses are involved in the legitimate sale of green energy devices, for example solar panels.
Unfortunately Warwickshire Trading Standards has become aware of fraudsters targeting this business sector to sell green energy devices that don’t work together with expensive and unnecessary maintenance contracts. This has resulted in substantial financial losses to many consumers who have fallen victim to this fraud.
Residents who already have solar panels fitted to their homes are particularly at risk of being targeted.
Fraudsters, who make their approaches either on the doorstep or over the phone, often use the following tactics:
o Informing the resident that their solar panel supplier has ceased trading and the panels installed may be dangerous.
o Advising the resident that new legislation requires them to have a device installed, and failure to install it would mean the emergency services would not attend if the solar panels caused a fire.
o Implying that they have taken over from the original supplier and are offering a “free health check”.
A ‘sales’ visit is undertaken and the resident is sold a device and/or maintenance contract for their system. These devices may not be of any use and the maintenance contracts, which could last up to 20 years may not be insurance backed and therefore may be of little potential value and offer no protection if the company ceases trading. In some instances, fraudsters are taking payment up-front for these contracts (often by encouraging the householder to take out a loan), rather than regular payments and then disappearing, providing no service at all.
Prevention Advice

• Don’t buy goods or services from unexpected doorstep sellers or telephone cold callers. You can’t tell a good trader from a bad one on the doorstep!
• Be wary of special offers or warnings about your home.
• Contact your original installer to confirm any information supplied about their current trading status.
• Never pay up front, and don’t pay by cash. Pay with a cheque (which can be traced if necessary) or if the service or goods cost more than £100 then use a credit card as this offers extra protection.
• Doorstep Selling Regulations give you 14 days to cancel the agreement. If you cancel, any monies that you have paid should be returned to you.
• The trader must give you a written notice of your cancellation rights when you agree the contract. If the trader doesn’t provide you with this information, they commit a criminal offence.
• The trader can only carry out work within this cancellation period if you have given your agreement in writing. Do not feel pressured into signing a document allowing the installation to be undertaken immediately.
• If you have been contacted by a company that you have concerns about, contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506 or visit Warwickshire Trading Standards

Warwickshire Rural Watch Alert

Trading Standards Alert re Doorstop Charity Warning

Warwickshire residents are warned to beware of unexpected doorstep ‘charity’ collectors. A Warwickshire resident reported that she had had an unexpected visit from someone who claimed to be collecting on behalf of the Air Ambulance and entered the resident’s home before asking for their banking information. The resident became suspicious and the individual left.
Do not invite unexpected doorstep visitors in to your home or divulge your banking details.
• Make a scam/rogue trader complaint to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.
• Warwickshire Trading Standards Website Facebook Twitter
• Sign up to scam alerts at

Trading Standards Warning of Inland Revenue Scam

Warwickshire Trading Standards has received further reports concerning bogus ‘Inland Revenue’ phone calls demanding ‘tax’ payments’ with the threat of ‘legal action’.
Always put the phone down. Never reveal any personal or financial information.
• Make a scam/rogue trader complaint to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.
• Warwickshire Trading Standards Website Facebook Twitter
• Sign up to scam alerts at

Horse Rescued in Austrey

At 1729 hours, Friday 23rd February, Warwickshire Fire Control received a call to a Shire horse trapped in a hole. A fire crew from Polesworth and the specialist Large Animal Rescue Unit from Rugby attending. Crews confirmed upon arrival that one female Shire horse was trapped by her rear legs in a hole. The Vet was in attendance advising crews. Upon arrival of the Large Animal Rescue Unit steady progress was being made with releasing of the horse. At 1850 hours, Fire Crews had released the horse.

Warwickshire Fire Service – Reminder to Have Chimneys Swept

Message from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service:

Our crews have been out to a number of chimney fires in the last week thanks to the colder weather settling in. With further snow expected, we are issuing a timely reminder to get your chimney swept.
Chimney sweeping is important. It helps to prevent chimney fires and reduces the risk of dangerous fume emissions from blocked heating appliances, flue-ways and chimneys.
Regular sweeping and maintenance of chimneys and flues eliminates the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired systems. It also clears obstructions such as bird and animal nests, leaves and debris.
More safety advice can be found at: