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Notice of Vacancies in Office of Parish Councillor

Nominations have closed for the election to Shustoke Parish Council, 4th May 2023.

Three Councillors were nominated, Councillors G Dupree, L Dupree and G Farr, and they will be duly elected, uncontested, to the Council on 4th May.

The Council comprises seven Councillors, and four vacancies therefore exist in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council. A formal ‘Notice of Vacancies’ is attached, in which ten electors can make application, in writing, for a further election. If no application is made by ten electors, the Parish Council will fill the vacancies by co-option at its Annual Meeting of the Council, 7.30pm Monday 15th May 2023.

If you are interested in serving on the Council and wish to be considered for co-option, please contact the Clerk on Clerk@Shustoke-ParishCouncil.Org by 10th May providing a brief explanation of why you wish to serve on the Council.

If you have any queries on the co-option process or any other related matter, please contact the Clerk.

Notice of Vacancies in Office of Councillor – Shustoke Parish Council 15th April 2023