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CORONAVIRUS – Shustoke Parish Council Response


The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, and things will probably become even more difficult in the weeks to come.

Shustoke is an excellent place to live, partly due to the friendliness and kindness of its residents. Now, more than ever is the time to be prepared to help each other.

If you are fit and healthy, do take time to check upon vulnerable or elderly neighbours on a regular basis, and see if you can assist them in any way. Sometimes, just a chat can make all the difference – but remember not to sit or stand too close.

If you are self-isolating and have no close family or friends living nearby, do think about contacting your neighbours. They may be very willing to support you but reluctant to disturb you.

If you need to contact the Parish Council for help during this time, you can contact Parish Councillors Bridgette Chandler (01675 481110) or Gill Noble (01675 481312). They will do their best to assist you.

Very best wishes to you in this very difficult time. Take care.

Councillor Bridgette Chandler, Chair – Shustoke Parish Council