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Warwickshire Sees Spate of Rogue Roofers + Details of Other Scams

Residents are warned to beware of rogue roofers and bogus insulation companies.

These fraudsters make doorstep visits and cold-call residents on the phone, before setting up same day site visits. The fraudsters then enter the loft space and claim that the roof is on the verge of falling in or that moisture readings indicate that more insulation is required. They then go onto pressurise the homeowner into agreeing to purchasing a new roof or new insulation when neither are required. They may attempt to hurry the consumer into making a quick decision by suggesting they can offer a cheaper price for the work, but only if the homeowner agrees to the work being carried out straight away. The work is usually overpriced and of poor quality. These rogues then disappear and can never be contacted if a problem with the work is subsequently discovered.

NEVER buy from unexpected doorstep traders or cold callers on the phone. It’s much better to use traders you know and trust. If you are struggling to find a good trader, consider using Warwickshire Trading Standards approved trader scheme:

Rural businesses targeted by scam publishers

Rural businesses across Warwickshire are warned to beware of scam publishers who sell advertising in publications with little or no actual circulation. They cold-call businesses, falsely claiming to be working on behalf of the Police, Fire Service, or local council. Using high pressure telephone sales techniques, they convince unsuspecting businesses to pay hundreds of pounds for worthless advertisements in safety or crime related school or community booklets. The scammers then aggressively chase the businesses for payment, often threatening them with bailiffs and court action if they don’t pay up.

NEVER engage in conversation with these scam callers. Don’t ask to see examples of the publications. Put the phone down immediately.

Bogus door to door mattress sellers

Scammers are again selling mattresses door to door across Warwickshire.

These bogus callers claim their mattresses are an expensive brand left over from a property developer’s showhouse, but in reality the mattresses are either second hand or cheap imports. Some may not even meet UK fire safety regulations. The scammers apply false labels and packaging to make them look like the genuine product.

Consumers are urged to only buy from reputable traders.

Rogue Rate Reduction Firms

Warwickshire businesses have reported receiving cold-calls from rogue rate reduction firms that claim to be able to reduce their business rates (including making appeals), but in reality simply charge huge fees and don’t deliver on their promises. Businesses often receive these phone calls after they have been revalued and new rates applied.

Be particularly weary if you are asked to pay large sums up front.

Businesses can contact the Government Valuation Office Agency: for help and advice concerning their business rates.

Published: 18th November 2021