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Save Cash on Energy Bills – Warwickshire Switch and Save

Warwickshire residents set to save cash on their energy bills thanks to Warwickshire Switch and Save

It is great news for Warwickshire residents this week as Warwickshire County Council’s collective energy switching scheme – Warwickshire Switch and Save – reveals some of the fantastic savings Warwickshire consumers have been able to make on their gas and electricity bills.
Following a successful reverse auction between competing gas and electricity providers on the 22nd of May 2018, it has been revealed that residents signed up to the scheme are set to save an average of £177 on their utility bills.
In Warwickshire, about 300 households have registered so far with the scheme and the county’s Switch and Savers have been combined with 37 other similar initiatives from all around the UK to create a consumer collective of over 25,000 registered households.
Following the May reverse auction there were three providers who were able to provide residents with the best rate for their gas and electricity bills and they will provide the following contracts:

So Energy, supplying 100% green electricity for residents who have online billing;

E.O.N for residents who have paper billing; and

Economy Energy for residents using pre-payment meters.

Residents across Warwickshire have started receiving their personal offer letters or emails letting them know if they will be able to make savings against their current energy deal and, if so, exactly how much money will be going back into their pockets. In total, 75% of people who registered for the scheme in Warwickshire could save on their energy bills if they choose to switch, meaning lots of happy residents in the county.

One Leamington Spa resident contacted Warwickshire County Council to let them know how overjoyed he was when he recently received his personal offer highlighting a £401 saving on his electricity bill!

Welcoming the early success of this new scheme, Cllr Peter Butlin, Deputy Leader of Warwickshire County Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance and Property, said:
“This is fantastic news for residents in Warwickshire and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to work with partners and other organisations to improve the quality of life for all, particularly some of our more vulnerable residents who worry about the costs of heating their homes.
“Some residents will be paying too much, particularly if they haven’t switched supplier for a while, so I’d encourage everyone to sign up and see what offer they receive. Don’t delay, sign up today”

If you have not already signed up to save, it’s not too late to register and receive a free, no obligation, quote, visit the site today: