Warwickshire County Council is reviewing the current Respite Services for adults with a learning and/or physical disability to find out if services are meeting the needs of those that are using them and their relatives/carers. As part of this review we are seeking the views of people that use these services, their families and carers as well as the wider public who wish to contribute their thoughts on how well services are working.

What respite service does Warwickshire County Council provide?
Overnight residential respite services are provided for disabled adults in a range of settings throughout the county. Some providers also offer the opportunity for young people aged 16-17 to access these services.

Overnight community short breaks are available as an alternative way of meeting an individual’s need to residential respite services. Providers offer a range of services from overnight stays in a person’s own home or stays away from home with an approved carer in suitable accommodation such as a lodge, cottage or caravan. Families may also be supported to go away on holiday together with an approved carer.

Community short breaks include a range of services which can be whole or part day activities that suit individual needs whilst providing a break for carers.

This review will close on February 17th.

You can access it by visiting www.warwickshire.gov.uk/ask