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Living Well with Dementia in Warwickshire

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and an opportunity to raise awareness of dementia. As the number of people diagnosed with dementia increases, Warwickshire County Council (WCC) are helping residents to understand dementia, what to do if you have concerns about your memory and support available if you have been diagnosed with dementia.

Everybody forgets things from time to time and stress, anxiety, depression, certain physical illnesses, infections and vitamin and thyroid deficiencies are just a few of the things that can affect memory. However, if your memory is getting noticeably worse, or affecting everyday life, book an appointment with your GP as it may be a sign of dementia. Help, support and treatment as early as possible can help you to manage your symptoms.

Every resident of Warwickshire can make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia by helping to create a more Dementia Friendly Warwickshire.

As more people are diagnosed with dementia, it is likely that we will all be touched by dementia at some point in our lives. Dementia Friends learn more about dementia, and the small actions they can take to support those living with dementia. Visit and find out how you can make a difference.

Become a Dementia Friend