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Help for Vulnerable Residents from Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme

The Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme helps the most vulnerable residents at times of unavoidable crisis. It provides basic and essential help for food and energy. This is provided either in emergency food parcels or with credit for energy. It is not a cash benefit.
We recognise that some families eligible for free school meals struggle financially and have difficulty covering the period when their children are off school during the school holidays. This Scheme is therefore an opportunity to reach and help those most in need by supporting families with the cost of food for their children over the school holiday period. Applications for support will be taken from Monday 23rd July to Friday 31st August 2018.

So if you (or someone you know) are registered for Free School Meals (FSM) and need some financial support over the summer holidays, please contact the Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme. The telephone contact number is 0800 408 1448 or 01926 359182. Applications can be made by the customer or a service provider. When calling, please make reference to the eligibility for free school meals and explain how the customer is struggling financially.

The Scheme also provides help to those whose needs are more long term, who are vulnerable through an ongoing set of circumstances rather than an immediate crisis. This includes people that are care leavers, victims of domestic violence, former armed forces personnel, or those resettling in a community after a custodial term. Help might take the form of help in furnishing accommodation with basic furniture and appliances. The Local Welfare Scheme will also signpost customers in the direction of other agencies and organisations who can offer help and support. Please contact 0800 408 1448 or 01926 359182 for more information.