held on Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 14:00


5 Matters arising from previous meeting

5.1 Publicising of the PRG minutes (minute 2)
The notice board is now in the waiting room lobby area and hence the minutes are generally ignored by patients. The Practice Manager commented that she planned to review the notice boards and their content.

5.2 Potential sources of funding for Electronic Screen in reception (minute 3.1)
The Practice Manager agreed to pick up on this matter from the previous minutes and complete the action within a month.

A new telephone system is about to be installed, which will include a queue system and have a routing system (available to the practice). It was supposed to go live this week, but now will be done in May, as an engineer will need to be present. The system has the facility to incorporate an electronic screen though this is not part of the system as ordered. The Practice Manager will look into the potential for extending the system.

5.3 Impact of CCG budget management (minute 4.2)
There should be no impact on the Practice as it is GMS contracted; the only impact of the proposed change to commissioning arrangements would be for practices with different management/funding structure (e.g. those that are on APMS contracts). As Hazelwood patient numbers increase, staff numbers will increase and skills mix will be enhanced.

5.5 Transport between Coleshill and George Eliot (minute 9.1)
A survey had been distributed, but little response had been received. However, there has been no CCG PRF meeting. It was agreed that PRG members should ask the groups they represent their views on the matter.

6 Report from North Warwickshire CCG Patient Group Forum
No meeting has been held since the last meeting of the PRG, the meeting scheduled for early March having been cancelled due to poor weather.

7 Review of Patient Surveys
Minimum response to surveys undertaken has been received; feedback from patients is that there is concern that their feedback is ignored. It was suggested that this might be obviated if the feedback submissions were provided in sealed envelopes and with the option to undertake it on-line. The Practice Manager will review and report at the next meeting.

8 Events to Promote Health & Wellbeing of Local Community
• Shingles vaccinations are currently being encouraged for eligible patients (eligibility criteria can be found athttps://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/who-can-have-the-shingles-vaccine/. A Sister is coming in for extra hours to undertake the vaccinations so as not to impact on other appointments.
• There is a shortage of Hepititus B vaccine, but this is a national shortage
• A lot of training is being undertaken among staff

9 Report on any changes in local healthcare provision and services
The practice now has 2 members of staff who take blood tests in practice for certain groups of patients, though appointments have to be made. There is insufficient resource to undertake all necessary blood tests so patients who are able to get to George Eliot hospital are encouraged to do so.

Dermatology tests are being bought into the region and will be provided by Health Harmony to reduce waiting lists to an acceptable level. Tests will be undertaken in Hazelwood Practice on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The practice is also looking to have physiotherapy service brought in house.

10 Feedback/reports from Parish Councils and other represented bodies
Pleased that information on the Practice is being disseminated through the B46 Updates Facebook Group.

Experience during the snow; the Practice was able to staff reception as usual, however because patients were unable to get in to the surgery, there were more telephone calls, hence a difficulty for patients to get through. The new telephone system should help as it is more informative to the patient and incoming calls can be routed to other staff. It was, however, agreed that an extreme situation should not be the measure of the practice efficiency.

11 Any other business

11.1 Bowel cancer screening
Appears there is misinformation about what is available. The Practice Manager agreed that she would find out and the PRG members can disseminate.

11.2 PRG membership
It was agreed that the Practice would contact all the members on the list to confirm their agreement that their contact details be circulated to other PRG members (in accordance with GDPR which comes into force in May 2018)

11.3 Circulation of future minutes/agendas
Although the minutes will continue to be drawn up by the Secretary, they would be circulated by the Practice. Practice would contact members for potential Agenda items and circulate at least a week before the meeting.

12 Summary of Information to be disseminated to represented bodies
• A new Practice Manager has been in post since February 2018
• PRG minutes are currently displayed on the notice board in the foyer entrance to the Surgery waiting room
• A new telephone system will be in operation at the surgery from May; this will provide improved queuing facilities for patients calling in and will allow the Practice to route calls to other staff at busy times.
• Concern has been expressed over the lack of effective transport between Coleshill and George Eliot hospital; feedback from the different PCs on how this affects their residents would be appreciated.
• Eligible patients (see https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/who-can-have-the-shingles-vaccine/) are encouraged to take advantage of shingles vaccinations offered by the Practice.
• The Practice now has 2 members of staff who can undertake blood tests for patients who are unable to travel to George Eliot Hospital (appointments must be made)
• The Practice is now able to offer dermatology tests in practice
• The Practice is planning to offer physiotherapy services in practice.

13 Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting is 13:00 on Wednesday 17 October 2018.

It was further agreed that one of the Practice clinicians be invited to attend.