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Coronavirus Crisis: – Libraries Closed and Mobile Service Suspended from Monday 23rd March 2020

Warwickshire County Council has taken the decision to close all library buildings to the public from Monday 23 March and to suspend the mobile library service.

There will be no fines during this period.

The request service is suspended.

Renew online and by telephone 01926 499273.

Contact us:
Enjoy your online library for free, eBooks and more

We are always committed to keeping our staff and customers safe, and thank you for your patience during this time.

COVID-19 brings changes to library, museum and one stop shop services in Warwickshire.

Whilst our Libraries are closed you can still access our BorrowBox eBook and eAudio service. We have a great collection of adult, young adult and children’s titles available.

We know that more people than ever are now going to be using this service and we are looking to add to our content over the next few days. We also have Listen Now – No Waiting and Read Now – No Waiting titles so that there is always something to read and listen to, immediately available.

Hints and tips:
• Loans are for three weeks. However, if you finish your title early (and especially at the moment when demand for the collection is high), could you please hit the ‘return’ button so that more people will be able to enjoy the fabulous book you’ve just finished sooner. Don’t worry if you haven’t quite finished a title in three weeks, you can also renew it.
• Reading Lists – you can curate your own digital ‘TBR’ pile by using the ‘Reading List’ function – if there’s a title you spot that you like the look of but you don’t mind when you read it, you can add it to your reading list and keep an eye on when it becomes available. There’s also the function to check which titles on your eBook or eAudio list are available at any one time if you’re looking for something straightaway.
• This is an ideal opportunity to try something you wouldn’t normally read – give it a go (though if you don’t get on with it, don’t forget to hit the ‘return’ button so that the copy can go back into circulation for other readers).
• If there’s a title you’ve enjoyed, let us know! Tweet us, join in with our book conversation on our Facebook Reading Challenge page or email us with your review and, with your permission, we can let our followers know what’s being enjoyed in the collection (we won’t name you but if you have a short review, we’d love to hear it).
We will continue to update you in the coming weeks with more information and recommendations from BorrowBox.

We know how important reading is, especially in uncertain times and we understand that not being able to go to the library and choose new books will be a great challenge for many people.

Whilst our libraries are closed, we will be working to support you online however best we can and we will be continuing to answer your questions and keep you up to date.

We have some fantastic digital resources which you can access through our website at any time including eNewspapers and eMagazines. We know many of you will be new to digital reading and we are here to help if you have any questions you can contact us: and we will do our very best to help you get started!

You will start to see increased digital communications from us – we will send out this newsletter weekly as well as posting regularly across our social media channels.