Community Engagement Evening – 6.30pm Monday 24th June – Shustoke Village Hall

Please join us at a Community Engagement Evening and take the opportunity to chat with:-

……..Local police officers and take away tips on crime prevention. Bring along items you would like ‘property marked’ and collect a free property marking pen to take home. Take the chance to express your views on a Community Speed Watch Scheme;

…….Neighbourhood Watch to see what the scheme has to offer and what equipment is available;

…….Firefighters from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service to talk about safety checks and smoke alarms.

The event is being held between 6.30pm and 8.30pm, Monday 24th June at Shustoke Village Hall. Plenty of parking available.

Audited Council and Hall Accounts Published

Shustoke Parish Council has published its audited accounts for 2018-19. Both the detailed Council accounts and Village Hall accounts can be found in the attached document. SPC Audited Accounts 2018-19 Final – Public Version   Some elements have been redacted to protect the privacy of individuals.

The documents required by the external auditor (signed by the Council Chair and Clerk) have been submitted and are attached here:- SPC Audit 2018-19 – Approved Documents

Examination of the accounts and supporting financial documents is possible within the period 17th June to 26th July 2019, by appointment with the Parish Clerk. Details of those public rights can be found within the following document. SPC Exercise of Public Rights – Accounts 2018-19 Public Notice


The Latest News from the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

The latest news from the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner – May 2019

Eleven new police officers will soon be hitting the streets of Warwickshire after passing out of their initial training phase.
The new officers are the latest tranche to complete their training as part of my commitment to boost policing numbers across the county. Across the summer months, further student officers will be completing their Initial Police Learning and Development programme, while transferees from other forces will also be joining, meaning that by the end of the year there will be 150 extra officers in Warwickshire.

This will see the force’s officer strength go from 800 at the start of the recruitment cycle to 950, which will represent one of the largest percentage increases anywhere in the country. I am confident that the public will start to see the real difference this will make and I will continue to do all I can to ensure our police force has the resources needed to keep our communities safe.

Each of the new constables have successfully completed a rigorous training including everything from meticulous classroom-based law and legislation learning to practical exercises which put their knowledge and skills to the test. They also have to undergo fitness tests and academic exams, first aid courses and challenging officer personal safety training to ensure they meet the high standards needed to police our county.
Along with the support of tutor constables, the student officers will now progress their skills by starting their shifts as part of patrol policing across the county and will soon be out on the streets as operational Warwickshire Police officers.

After a 10 week tutor patrol period they will progress to patrolling independently, with regular reviews to complete a total of two year probationary period.

I was delighted to be able to join Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith at Warwick School to see the newly-qualified officers pass out last week. The event is a very happy affair and also gives me the chance to meet the officers’ friends and family. I was pleased to be able to thank them for all they do to support their loved ones in what is a sometimes dangerous and always demanding job.

The new officers have been funded through the increases to the portion of Council Tax which pays for policing in 2017/18 and 2018/19. In addition to recruiting 150 police officers over the two year period, the additional funding will pay for extra Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and police staff investigators to bolster operational policing requirements.

Further passing out ceremonies are scheduled for July, August and September and I look forward to bringing you news of these as more and more additional officers hit the county’s streets.

New PCC-commissioned services launched

In my March newsletter, I announced that our new general support services contract had been awarded to Victim Support, who are working as part the Integrated Victim Management Unit at Warwickshire Police to deliver tailored support to victims of crime. This is already receiving really positive feedback and, importantly, helping to boost the support given to our most vulnerable victims in Warwickshire.

This month, I can reveal the successful bidders for the remaining three commissioned services. Firstly, a joint bid by Barnardo’s and RoSA is now providing a new county-wide service to help victims of sexual abuse and violence (SAV) and child sexual exploitation (CSE).
Barnardo’s has been working in Warwickshire as part of the multi-agency Warwickshire CSE Team for a number of years and will be continuing to develop the successful ‘Something’s Not Right’ campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of CSE and promote access to help and advice.
RoSA, meanwhile, has been providing free and confidential support for anyone who has experienced the trauma of rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence in Warwickshire for the past 26 years. They work throughout the county supporting women, men, young people and children from age 5 onwards and support is also offered to family members, partners and carers.
Together, they will deliver a range of evidence-based, victim-led personalised support services and interventions, including face-to-face, telephone and online support, ensuring the service meets the current and emerging needs of victims.

The commissioned service also includes expanded provision of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) and Children and Young People’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ChISVAs) across the whole of Warwickshire. These are trained professionals who work with victims and survivors to provide impartial information about all of their options, including reporting to the police or accessing other services that they may require, such as counselling or advice on housing, social care or benefits.

New support services for victims of CSE, sexual abuse and violence in Warwickshire

Drugs and alcohol, meanwhile, remain a contributory factor in many types of crime and anti-social behaviour, so it is important that those who are struggling with substance misuse are given help and support through early intervention to enable them to have a sustained recovery. This in turn helps to reduce re-offending and enables those who may otherwise have embarked on a life of crime to have a more fulfilling and positive life.

National charity Change, Grow Live (CGL) has been contracted to deliver enhanced drug and alcohol support to those over the age of 18 who are in contact with the criminal justice system in Warwickshire. Co-located with the police Integrated Offender Management teams in Leamington and Nuneaton, CGL will also work with probation services and the courts to support people into drug treatment. Services will include assessment, care planning, outreach and assertive engagement to keep people committed to the treatment process. Find out more in the video below.

New services to deter substance misuse in Warwickshire: Change, Grow, Live

Meanwhile, Compass will base dedicated workers at the Justice Centres in Nuneaton and Leamington to provide services to young people already in the criminal justice system, as well as educational and outreach workers to raise young people’s awareness more generally of the consequences of substance misuse.

Boost for Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

There has been a real push in recent years to ensure that children and young people are diverted away from crime, so it’s really encouraging to see these latest performance figures in which Warwickshire is leading the way both regionally and nationally. It’s a credit to the hard work that has been put in by Youth Offending Teams across the county and all of the partners involved with the Warwickshire Youth Justice Service (YJS).

The YJS is a statutory partnership between Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Police, the National Probation Service and Health. The service works with children who have offended, or are at risk of offending, their parents and families, and the victims of the crimes committed, in order to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and to reduce reoffending.

End of year performance figures for 2018/19 show that on three key performance indicators, Warwickshire is outperforming national and regional rates, as well as those of its most similar ‘family group’ of comparator areas across the country.
The number of first-time entrants into the Youth Justice system in Warwickshire has declined by 31.2 % in 2018/19 compared to the previous year, continuing a downward trend which had already seen figures reduced by 30.94% over the previous recording period.

In Warwickshire, a young person re-offends in just 27.3% of cases, compared with 36.1% across in the West Midlands region and the national rate of 39.9%. The frequency of re-offenses has also fallen by 44.3% which is a tremendous success compared with West Midlands reduction rate of 16.8%, the ‘family group’ reduction rate of 4.8% and the national rate which is 1.1%.
Overall, the number of young people from Warwickshire in custody remains extremely low, with just five custodial sentences imposed on four children during 2018/19. The Warwickshire custody rate per 1000 children aged under 17 years is 0.06%, compared with a West Midlands rate of 0.36%, ‘family group’ rate of 0.20% and a national rate of 0.31%.
The data comes off the back of a recent very positive inspection report, which gave an overall rating of ‘good’ for Warwickshire YJS and found several areas of outstanding practice.
Taken together, this shows that the approach being taken in Warwickshire is having real success. This is good news for all residents in Warwickshire, as the positive work of the YJS is helping to deliver a safer community for people of all ages.

Bike Safe launches in Warwickshire

Motorcycle riders in Warwickshire now have the opportunity to experience a professional police-observed ride, thanks to a new road safety scheme. BikeSafe is a national police-run motorcycle initiative which aims to improve riding and reduce the risk of motorcyclists being involved in a collision, as well as raising awareness of the importance of progressing on to accredited post-test training.

Workshops cost £50 and cover areas including: rider attitude, collision causation, cornering, positioning, overtaking, observation, braking, hazard perception and use of gears. Courses take place with Warwickshire Police motorcycle riders across the summer at Leek Wootton.

Sadly, statistics show that motorcycle riders are disproportionately likely to be killed or seriously injured in a collision on our roads, so I am pleased that BikeSafe is now available here in Warwickshire to help equip riders with the skills and experience they need to ride safely and reduce their vulnerability. It’s a great scheme and I would encourage all bikers to sign up for a course and then go on to take further training in the future.

Reducing the numbers of casualties on our roads is one of my main priorities for the year ahead. I hope that BikeSafe, together with other schemes I will be funding across a broad range of road users, will help to encourage people to modify their behaviour and reduce risk-taking, so that our roads can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

To find out more and sign up for a course, visit and search for Warwickshire Police.

Picture Special: Force Standard unveiling

Warwickshire Police’s new force standard was unveiled in a special ceremony at Leek Wootton. The ceremonial flag will be used by the force on special civic occasions and is the first standard in the force’s 162 year history. It was presented at Leek Wootton in front of the myself, Chief Constable and some of the force’s new student police officers, who were proud to take part during their lunch break. Additional pictures by Sasha Taylor.



Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Our mailing address is:
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire
3 Northgate Street
Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4SP
United Kingdom


WCC June Cyber Scam Update

WCC June Cyber Scam Update

Fraudsters are continuing to send victims their own passwords in sextortion scam.

Fraudsters are sending victims their own passwords in an attempt to trick them into believing they have been filmed on their computer watching porn and demanding payment. In May alone, Action Fraud has received over 149 crime reports and 1,443 reports to our phishing reporting tool. Many victims reported receiving multiple emails over a short period of time. The emails contain the victim’s own password in the subject line and demands payment in Bitcoin after claiming that the victim has been filmed on their computer watching porn.

Suspected data breach
Action Fraud suspects that the fraudsters may have gained victim’s passwords from an old data breach. After running some of the victim’s email addresses through ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ a website that allows people to check if
their account has been compromised in a data breach, Action Fraud found that almost all of the accounts were at risk.

How to protect yourself:
• Don’t reply to the email, or be pressured into paying: it only highlights that you’re vulnerable and you could be targeted again. The police advise that you do not pay criminals. Try flagging the email as spam /junk if you receive it multiple times.
• Perform password resets as soon as possible on any accounts where you’ve used the password mentioned in the email. Always use a strong, separate password for important accounts, such as your email. Where available, enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
• Always install the latest software & app updates. Install, or enable anti-virus software on your laptops & computers and keep it updated.
• If you have received one of these emails and
paid the fine, report it to your local police force. If you have not paid, report the email as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud.

Fake TalkTalk emails regarding refunds making the rounds.

Action Fraud has received over 100 reports this week about fake emails purporting to be from TalkTalk.
The emails state that the recipient’s TalkTalk account is in credit and that they’re owed a refund. The links
in the emails lead to malicious websites.

Top Tips:
• Don’t click on the links and/or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to
messages that ask for your personal or financial
• It is always safest to login to all of your online accounts by entering the address into your
browser’s address bar or via a trusted app.
• Don’t assume an email is authentic, even if
someone knows your basic details (such as your
name or address). Remember criminals can spoof email addresses to appear as companies you know and trust.

Action Fraud report reveals £7 million lost to holiday fraud.

Over 5,000 people reported to Action Fraud that they had lost a total of
just over £7 million to holiday and travel related fraud, an increase on last year, when 4,382 victims reported losing £6.7 million. The average
amount lost was £1,380 per person but, as in previous years, in addition
to the financial cost, victims have also reported the significant emotional
impact caused by this crime.

Over half, 53%, of the crimes reported were related to the sale of airline tickets. The next most common fraud at 25%, related to the sale of
accommodation, with a peak in reported losses in October. This indicates that many victims report their loss after the end of the summer holidays the busiest time of the year for travel and a popular target for fraudsters.
Top Tips:
• Stay safe online: Check the web address is legitimate and has not been altered by slight changes to a domain name.
• Do your research: Don’t just rely on one review – do a thorough online search to check the company’s credentials.
• Look for the logo: Check whether the company is a member of a recognised trade body such as ABTA. If you have any doubts, you can verify membership at
• Pay safe: Wherever possible, pay by credit card and be wary about paying directly into a private individual’s bank account.
• Check paperwork: You should study receipts, invoices as well as terms and conditions. Be very wary of any companies that don’t provide any at all. Use your instincts: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
• Report it: Victims should contact Action Fraud via

Tame Valley Wetlands – Circular Walks – Shustoke and Neighbouring Areas

Tame Valley Wetlands provide a range of leaflets for circular walks in Shustoke and neighbouring areas.

Copies are attached.

.0816 TVW Curdworth 12pp LR 0816 TVW Kingsbury 12pp LR 0909 TVW Coleshill 12pp LR 0909 TVW Coleshill Town 12pp LR 0909 TVW Shustoke 12pp LR (002) 1045 TVW Dosthill 12pp LR 1045 TVW Middleton 12pp LR 1161 TVW Hopwas 8pp LR 1161 TVW Tamworth Town Trail 12pp LR 1161 TVW Warwickshire Moor & Alvecote 12pp LR

More information on these walks and the long distance Tame Way wall is available at the website, together with details of the other work and projects being undertaken

Circular walks

Exploring Potential Locations for Fire Stations – North Warwickshire and Nuneaton

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently engaging with our communities on its plan to explore potential locations for fire stations in Nuneaton and North Warwickshire.

Your views are important to us. If you wish to take part please fill in the online survey before 16.06.2019 by visiting our website:-

To request a paper version of this survey please either call us on: 01926 423231 or Email us at, or write to us at
Service Improvement Team
Warwickshire Fire and Rescue
Service Headquarters Warwick St
CV32 5LH

Latest News from Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner

The latest news from the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

April 2019

I start this month’s newsletter with some positive news: reported crime was down in Warwickshire during 2018, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). While the headline figure of a 1% decrease may not sound like much, it needs to be taken in the context that, across the whole of England and Wales, reported crime was actually up by an average of 7%.

Buried within the statistics there is some further encouraging news. Across the various categories of crime across Warwickshire larger falls were seen including:
• bicycle thefts down by 27%
• sexual offences and drugs offences both down by 14%
• shoplifting down by 8%
• burglary down by 7%
• theft down by 5%
• criminal damage and arson down by 2%.
Some categories have, however, seen increased reporting year-on-year. As is the case nationally, violent crime offences are up, with reports of violence against the person increasing by 7% year-on-year, and non-injury violent crimes up 5%. In both cases, however, the increases were at a lower rate than national or regional averages, while violence which resulted in an injury actually fell slightly during 2018 in Warwickshire, down by 1%.

While the volume of knife crime incidents remains low, reports increased by 4% during 2018, though this was much smaller than the rises seen by the larger metropolitan areas across the UK and also remained below national and regional averages. Robbery and theft from the person offences, meanwhile, showed rises (23% and 10% respectively) and these will remain areas of focus for the myself and the force.

There has been a huge amount of work carried out by my office, the police and our community safety partners in Warwickshire over the past year to reduce levels of crime, so these latest reductions are encouraging. I am sure the public will welcome the news that burglary, theft, drugs, sexual offences and shoplifting have all seen significant reductions in reports over the past 12 months.

We must not be complacent though and there will continue to be a concerted effort to reduce crime in all categories, with particular emphasis on the offences that cause the greatest harm and concern to the public.

I am putting greater resources into Warwickshire Police this year to enable the recruitment of additional police officers and crime investigators to tackle these types of offences, alongside the many initiatives I fund to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. Overall, I am determined to see crime levels fall further to deliver on my promise of a safer, more secure Warwickshire.

Philip Seccombe TD
Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Leek Wootton to be re-designated as police HQ

As you are probably aware, talks are continuing with our colleagues at West Mercia Police over the future working relationship once our formal strategic alliance ends in October. While at this current time the exact operational model and requirements are still under consideration, it is recognised there will be a likely need to accommodate additional police officers and staff in the future within Warwickshire.

With this in mind I have revisited our estate needs with the Chief Constable and it now makes absolute sense to keep Leek Wootton as part of our force estate. While it had previously been the plan to sell off the site for development, given that we are now planning for a different future to that previously envisaged as part of the strategic alliance, I have decided to halt the sale and will look to re-designate Leek Wootton as Warwickshire Police’s headquarters.

Leek Wootton is a hugely valuable asset which contains good IT and infrastructure provisions and, although requires some refreshing, it is in a fit and suitable condition to accommodate additional officers and staff at relatively short notice – something that would have been impossible to achieve elsewhere given the likely tight timescales involved.

Of course, retaining Leek Wootton is also hugely symbolic for the force and is something that our officers and police staff have been quick to tell me is very welcome. We have a long history at Leek Wotton and it is pleasing that we will now be able to continue the force’s latest exciting chapter there.

While the proceeds from the sale of the site as a whole would have been very welcome, the priority must now be on securing Warwickshire Police’s immediate future as it re-establishes itself post-alliance. I am, however, continuing to explore the sale of the remaining parts of the site which will not be needed for policing purposes and I am optimistic that this will still bring in a healthy capital receipt in due course.

Training day boosts knowledge of rural crime

Police officers come from a wide range of backgrounds and, in an area like Warwickshire, can be called to deal with incidents taking place in rural parts of the county as well as in our major towns and urban areas. It’s really important that they all have a good understanding of the types of crime affecting our rural communities and are given practical information which can help them identify offenders and preserve evidence when a crime takes place.

That’s why I have funded through my Rural Crime Project a series of training days to include subjects such as heritage crime, wildlife crime, livestock and agricultural vehicles. As well as experts in their respective fields from a number of organisations training the officers, there is also input from a local farmer, the National Farmers Union and a gamekeeper. Hands-on training with livestock and a range of vehicles was also provided throughout the day.

As well as local officers and Police Community Support Officers, a representative from each of the force’s regional partners in Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Mercia was invited to attend, to help boost knowledge and co-operation on cross-border rural crime. We’ve run a number of these training days and the feedback I get is that it is valued both by officers and the partner organisations such as the NFU who help to make it possible. I’m pleased to see more officers undergoing the training, including from our neighbouring forces.

It’s part of my commitment to ensure that the public receives a high quality service from the police wherever they live or work in Warwickshire. I hope it also helps reinforce the message to criminals that our county should not be seen as easy pickings, especially in our rural areas.

New Chief Fire Officer welcomed

I was delighted to welcome Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service’s new Chief Fire Officer Kieran Amos to my offices recently. Kieran took up his post at the beginning of the month, succeeding Andy Hickmott who retired after 30 years’ service.

Kieran was formerly the Assistant Chief Fire Officer for West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and brings with him over 29 years’ experience in a range of roles, including national and collaborative positions.

We discussed the close working relationship that already exists between the police, fire and other emergency services in Warwickshire and I am pleased to see him share my view that continued close partnership working will be vital to ensuring an efficient and effective service to the public.

Through the county’s Joint Blue Light Collaboration Board I have been working closely with colleagues from the police, fire, ambulance, county council and most recently mental health services to look at the opportunities that exist to share resources, improve working practices and collaborate more widely wherever it makes sense for the organisations involved and can provide an enhanced service to the public. I look forward to Kieran’s experienced input into these discussions in the future.

Road Safety Fund now open for applications

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I am launching a new £500,000 fund for projects to improve road safety across Warwickshire. This month we have opened the scheme formally for applications.

By making this money available I want to really encourage a greater emphasis on road safety across Warwickshire for all users of our roads. Our police, fire and rescue services, highway authorities and community safety partnerships already play a key role in road safety but there are other groups and organisations that can help make a real difference.

I was really encouraged by an engagement day we had earlier this month with prospective bidders, which showed there are lots of potential schemes and good ideas out there that could help to make a real difference on our roads. In opening the fund for applications, I want to hear from as many of them as possible.

Find out more about how to apply.

Diary dates
Here are some of the key events in my diary for the next few weeks:

1 May: Chairing stakeholder’s panel for new Assistant Chief Constable interviews
7 May: Meeting new call handlers at Leek Wootton
9 May: Warwickshire Youth Justice Service Board, Leamington
11 May: Supported Villages’ crime prevention event, Oxhill
15 May: Local Criminal Justice Board, Leamington
22 May: Association of Police and Crime Commissioners AGM, London

In addition, I am taking part in a series of Warwickshire Police workforce seminars to meet officers and staff across the whole of May.

I also continue to have a weekly meeting with the Chief Constable to hold the force to account and discuss any arising issues. You can find details of these meetings here.

Keep up to date with the latest news from the Warwickshire PCC






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Annual Meeting of the Parish Council – 7.15pm Monday 13th May

The Parish Council will hold its Annual Meeting at 7.15pm Monday 13th May at the Village Hall.

At the meeting, Councillors will ‘accept office’ for the new electoral term, and the Chair will be elected. In addition, all Council policies and procedures will be reviewed and confirmed for the forthcoming year.

Following the Annual Meeting, Councillors will move straight on to an Ordinary meeting which will discuss finance, planning and any other matters. Time will also be given to residents wishing to raise any issue with the Council.

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available from 7pm. Do join us; meet your Councillors and have your say.

The agendas can be access below:-

SPC AMOC & OM 130519 – Agenda