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Anti-Social Behaviour in Shustoke Village


Parish Councillors are fully aware of the anti-social behaviour which has developed during the corona virus crisis, focussed mainly on the Recreation Ground and Reservoir.

The Recreation Ground gate is now locked from 6pm to 6am, and the police will be paying particular attention to the area.

The Reservoir, is private property, owned by Severn Trent. Councillors are currently liaising with Severn Trent and the police to reduce the nuisance being caused. Severn Trent will be installing a new barrier protected by CCTV, and will significantly prune the vegetation around the car park to make illegal activities more easy to spot. Before this has been achieved, the police and Severn Trent staff will increase their patrols in the area.

It is possible that further easing of the lockdown will reduce the incidence of anti-social behaviour in the Village, but Councillors will continue to monitor such behaviour and make every effort to reduce its incidence.

Shustoke Parish Councillors