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Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and Ordinary Meeting of the Council – Monday 9th May, Shustoke Village Hall

The Parish Council held its Annual Meeting at 7.30pm Monday 9th May, followed by an Ordinary Council meeting, at the Village Hall.

The meeting included:-

  • Presentation of the audited 2021/22 accounts
  • Consideration of a Forge Road planning application
  • Discussion and resolution of planting of ‘Jubilee’ trees
  • Election of new Council Chair
  • Discussion of the Jubilee Event – Sunday 5th June

The Council elected Councillor Nick COLE as its Chair for 2022/23, and Councillor Bridgette Chandler was elected Vice-Chair.

The draft minutes of the two meetings are available via the below links.

SPC AMOC 090522 – Draft Minutes

SPC Ordinary Meeting 090522 – Draft Minutes