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Annual Meeting of the Council and Ordinary Meeting, 7.30pm Tuesday 4th May 2021

The Annual Meeting of the Council will be held at 7.30pm Tuesday 4th May 2020, followed by an Ordinary Meeting. The agendas are attached.      SPC AMOC & OM 040521 – Agenda

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council, and to review and confirm the various legal and financial documents and provisions under which the Council will operate during 2021/22.

At the Ordinary meeting following the Annual Meeting, Councillors provide the opportunity for residents to raise issues of concern, after which Councillors will review and approve financial spending, discuss relevant planning issues and correspondence, and hear reports.

Because of pandemic restrictions, the meetings will be held via a Zoom Video Conference. If you wish to join the meeting, please contact the Clerk (details below) for the necessary instructions and link.